International Trip Leaders:

Trip Leaders for LEAPYEAR Groups

LEAPYEAR: Guide 17-24 year olds through the first semester of an experiential and transformational year of college as they learn to step into empowered adulthood.  Fall positions:  late August to early December.  Spring positions:  February through April. 

  • 3 months in South Asia (India and Nepal or Sri Lanka)

  • 3 months in Latin America (Central America)

We are looking for people with the following qualifications:

  1. Minimum age of 25. (Not negotiable unless you have done the LEAPYEAR program or worked at LEAPNOW.)
  2. Experience leading groups.
  3. Experience coaching youth through personal and/or spiritual emergence.
  4. Experience working with teens and young adults.
  5. Work, study or travel in the relevant geographic region.
  6. Proficiency in Spanish for Central America positions.
  7. A working knowledge of Hinduism and Buddhism for the India position.
  8. Experience with a spiritual practice and ongoing demonstrable commitment to personal evolution.
  9. Certificates in adult CPR and Wilderness First Aid prior to training.

If you are interested in being considered for a Trip Leader opening, please download the Leader Application Packet per the instructions at the bottom of this page.  Please note that we are unable to hire anyone under the age of 25, or anyone who does not have experience in the relevant region, or with leading groups, or that we can't meet in-person (regardless of qualifications).  Spanish language proficiency is required to lead our groups in Central America.  We are generally unable to hire non-US citizens.

Our Leader positions pay all (non-personal) trip expenses and medical insurance for the duration of the program and start at $3500 per three-month semester.  We also pay a travel stipend to our leaders to get to/from our retreat center in August of each year for our comprehensive and intensive 10-day leader training.

No phone calls, please.

Download the LEAPNOW Trip Leader Application here:

PDF Version    or    Word Version

LEAPNOW Campus Positions:

Beyond the intrinsic benefit of doing work that is international in scope with a strong service commitment, is the fact that LEAPNOW's office staff and organizational mission is dedicated to raising consciousness.  We are involved in work that is designed to transform lives and we are fortunate to be able  to see the fruit of our work on a regular basis.

As a staff we are committed to our own growth and evolution, conscious exploration of life and the exploration of alternative educational possibilities.  To this end, we keep our inter-staff relationships clear and harmonious and do on-going staff training.  Our campus is drug and tobacco-free.


CURRENT OPENINGS:  We are currently accepting applications for an Administrative Coordinator to join our office staff team in Northern California! Please review the job description for more information and directions to apply. 

Approximate start date November 2017.

Administrative CoordinatorWord | PDF

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