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Both of the creators of LEAPYEAR completed high school after their junior year, and their two daughters completed high school early through work, study and travel abroad. We hear from so many high school students how tired they are of sitting in the classroom, and how they have lost sight of the relevance of what they are learning in school. There is no rule that says that high school has to sap our aliveness.  Learning should be one of the most exciting and engaging things that we do in life.  If this isn't your experience, you might want to make some changes to how you are learning.  To that end, the design of LEAPYEAR and the built-in support lend themselves to completing high school in a way that gets your out of your hometown and engaged in the wider world, gives you a head start on college and work, and reminds you of why you are alive.

High School or Travel

The beauty of LEAPYEAR is that the curriculum is global, experiential and college level.   This means that it is fun and engaging to do, and also more than equivalent to what you might study in a high school class.   Ideally, you enroll in LEAPYEAR, and the curriculum provides the credits you need to complete high school.  For senior year, many students just require credits in English, Gov't/Econ,  and Physical Ed. to graduate, which works seamlessly within the LEAPYEAR curriculum.   Each students' history and school situation are unique, however, so our Admissions staff works closely with you to make sure that your needs are fully met.

There are generally four ways that students can complete high school through LEAPYEAR:

  • GED or High School Equivalency:   A student can complete high school early by doing their GED or taking their state Equivalency Test.   This allows them to bypass their senior year, and enroll in LEAPYEAR as their freshman year of college.   This also gives access Federal Financial Aid through Naropa University and the FAFSA process. 

  • Work with their Current High School:  Some high schools are open-minded enough to support a student completing high school through an alternative program or educational situation.  This can also include homeschool support schools.   This can be a way to maintain a semblance of continuity, but may require extra work beyond the LEAPYEAR curriculum.

  • Online Coursework:  Some students take online courses before, during and after LEAPYEAR to complete high school credits.  

  • Colorado High School:  LEAPNOW has a relationship with a high school in Boulder, Colorado that facilitates high school completion with LEAPYEAR.   In this scenario, you enroll in the high school as well as LEAPYEAR, they gather and assess your previous academic records, determine the credits you need to graduate, and issue your high school diploma after you have successfully completed one or two semesters of LEAPYEAR.   They become your high school of record and the keeper of your transcripts for the purposes of college admission, etc.     


    If you think you'd like to complete high school through LEAPYEAR, please contact our office to talk about your situation.

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