Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid


LEAPYEAR is a fully-integrated year of college at Naropa University, so unlike other gap year programs LEAPYEAR students receive a full year of college credit while they travel.  As a result of this integration, LEAPYEAR students have access to Federal Financial Aid as well as the supplemental LEAPNOW scholarship.

The equivalent academic credit from another mid-range private liberal arts college would cost $28,000 for the academic credits alone.   Doing LEAPYEAR, you receive this credit while learning abroad for 22 weeks of each year and for 8 weeks of intensive US-based residential seminars.

LEAPYEAR tuition and fees is $36,900 and includes:

Not included is the cost of round-trip transportation to Colorado during the program, international airfare, personal medical insurance (usually covered under parents' policy), and personal spending money. The average cost of airfare for group travel is ~ $1,500. Individual internship flight costs vary widely.

How to Fund the Most Extraordinary Year of College

At LEAPNOW, we strive to give all students the opportunity to participate in our incredible LEAPYEAR program.  We believe financial support is essential for making the program available to as many inspired young adults as possible.  Our team works diligently to help students get the support they need.

The LEAPNOW Scholarship

LEAPNOW offers a generous supplemental scholarship for LEAPYEAR students of up to $10,000. 

Who is Eligible?

Scholarship awards are based on combined financial need and demonstrated fit for the LEAPYEAR program.  We want to support outstanding young adults who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world and who otherwise may not be able to afford the LEAPYEAR program.  LEAPNOW scholarships are offered as a supplement to the federal financial aid offered through Naropa University.

How to Apply for the LEAPNOW Scholarship

Step 1 – Submit your LEAPYEAR application.

Step 2 – Submit a scholarship request letter that contains the following information:

Scholarship request forms can be emailed to

Call us at 707-431-7265 or email with questions!


Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Who is Eligible

All LEAPYEAR students are enrolled as full-time college students at Naropa University, and are thus eligible for Federal Financial Aid.  Every American citizen is entitled to low-interest student loans.  Federal financial aid is easily accessed through the FAFSA process (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at

How to Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Step 1 – Complete the FAFSA form.   You can complete the FAFSA form online at the FAFSA website (   Below  are a few  things to note while completing this step:

Step 2 – Wait to receive your Award Letter.  After you complete the FAFSA, a Student Aid Report (SAR) is generated.  A copy of your SAR is automatically sent to the financial aid offices at the schools that you highlighted on the FAFSA as prospects.  The SAR shows your family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which assists Financial Aid Offices in determining your financial aid award.  The Financial Aid office will send you an Award Letter listing the amounts of financial aid for which you are eligible.  This may include grants and scholarships (which don't have to be repaid), low-cost Federal Loans including Federal Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans.


Costs for Study Abroad

"I tried something else. I discovered early on that I was tired of being in a classroom, but I still wanted to learn. I needed to stretch my wings out and explore what lies beyond that horizon we all look to at sunrise and sunset. Beyond those distant hills, those plains and grasses, those lapping waters of the great oceans. What is out there?"
- LEAPYEAR Graduate

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships available for undergraduate students studying abroad

With advance planning you may be able to obtain scholarship and loan money for your LEAPNOW program.  Below are several scholarships that we have found to be helpful for LEAPNOW students.

Scholarships for Californian Residents, two good resources:

Most states have scholarships for their residents - search for scholarships in your specific state through the Internet.  Also, a number of Universities offer Entrance Scholarships to students that have participated in an alternative education or gap year program.  When you're looking at schools, remember to ask about Gap Year Scholarships.

Scholarships for people with disabilities, including learning disabilities:

Free scholarship services and scholarship information

These services offer more information on how to find and apply to scholarships you are eligible for:

Loans for study abroad


Get creative. Try connecting with your local community, religious and academic organization. Your local Rotary Club is a great place to start.  These groups may set aside funding or take special collections for students. They might also choose to sponsor a student, because these groups often see students volunteering abroad as representatives or role models and may even ask you to speak at their meetings when you return home.

Past students have written to friends and family and gotten them to give a donation toward their LEAPYEAR in lieu of birthday or Christmas presents. Some restaurant chains have a deal where you invite a bunch of people to come and eat, and they give 10% of the final amount paid back to you as a fund-raising support. Get donations from businesses and friends for auction items, and hold an auction to help you pay for your year.

Other past LEAPYEAR students have substantially reduced the cost of their program by gathering frequent flyer miles for their international and domestic airfares (potential savings of up to $3,000), by choosing low-cost or paying internships, and by fund-raising through friends and family. LEAPYEAR students have raised up to $7,000 through these kinds of efforts.

Check out this excellent guide to fundraising for travel written by Blake Boles of Unschool Adventures.

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