LEAPYEAR2 (LYR2) teaches you how to practically integrate your highest aspirations with daily living, to connect heaven and earth within you. LEAPYEAR2 builds naturally on the growth that occurs during LEAPYEAR.

Everything you do in LYR2 is tied to real work with real results for real people. LYR2 is three times the responsibility of LEAPYEAR at less than 1/5th the cost!

The cost of LEAPYEAR2 is only $6,900 and academic credit is optional. Academic credit can be earned through a number of universities, or it can be left out of your program.  Need-based scholarships are available to bring participation within reach for just about anyone.

Past LYR2 students have held the container for LEAPYEAR students, helped build a 550 ft2 building and bathroom at Maacama, run the LEAPYEAR kitchen, helped students find and land their internships, and raised over $15,000 to travel to north India for 6 weeks to create a "goat bank," fight sex trafficking and support the work of an Indian organization called Guria. LYR2 projects support the journey of LEAPYEAR students, change the world for organizations chosen by the LYR2 students, and help move Maacama toward greater beauty and sustainability. LEAPYEAR2 is your opportunity to change the world while continuing your education in a way that is designed for yourself.

The intent of LYR is to give students the opportunity to:

To learn more about LYR2, download the Information and Application Packet  (Word).


"We need simply to be encouraged, to be given heart, to be allowed to grow into our own large hearts. We do not need to be governed by external schedules – by the ticking of the ubiquitous classroom clock – nor be told what and when we need to learn, nor what we need to express, but instead we need to be given time, not as a constraint, but as a gift in a supportive place where we can explore what we want and who we are, with the assistance of others who care about us also."
- Derek Jensen


Application: Please download and fill out the attached LYR2 Information and Application Packet (Word).   There is NO application fee to apply for LYR2.

Please email your completed application to lyr2@leapnow.org

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