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Help a wonderful child go to school during the 2011-12 schoolyear.   Kalpana Sharma and LEAPNOW both understand that a chance to go to school and become literate is one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty that some children find themselves born into.   Each year Kalpana identifies children in her neighborhood who won't be able to attend school without financial assistance.  LEAPNOW has been working with her projects for the past decade.  In the photo at right, Kalpana is pictured with one of our past LEAPYEAR students, Curry Anton, who worked in Sarnath in the spring of 2003.

The cost to send one child to school for a
year is $100 dollars. This covers all school-related costs such as school supplies, uniforms, shoes, etc. 

The one exception is Shanti, who is blind.  Because she needs to go to a school for a the blind, which also provides food and housing, her cost for a year is $200!   Shanti was able to
begin attending school last year due to the generosity of someone like you.

These school sponsorships are fully tax-deductible, since they are made directly to Kalpana's non-profit organization.   All of the money you donate goes directly to support the child in school.   None is used for administrative or other costs.    LEAPNOW donates our staff time and resources to make this happen for these children.   If you can't pay for a whole year, you can pay $50 for a half year, or $25 for a quarter.    The schoolyear starts in July, so please help soon!

To donate, please make your tax-deductible check payable to: "Sirjana Mohilay or LEAPNOW," or call 707-431-7265  to charge your donation to a MasterCard or VISA.    Checks may be sent to: LEAPNOW Partners,  11640 Highway 128, Calistoga, CA  94515.   Please call or email if you have any questions about your donation.


The Children

Sponsor Shanti


Nine-year-old Shanti is the eldest of four siblings. Her father, Gurau, drives a cycle rickshaw. Sometimes Shanti rides on the rickshaw eating a small bag of peanuts, delighting in throwing the shells and watching them fall away. Today, her family lives a "Shanti" or peaceful life, but it wasn't always like this. Shanti used to be a blind beggar girl. Her eyes protruded grotesquely from her head due to a Vitamin A deficiency, which was the result of her parents' not being able to provide adequate nutrition for her or her siblings. Luckily, the Sirjana Institute found Shanti, and paid for an operation to correct her vision so she can perform simple everyday tasks independently. To maintain Shanti and her siblings' health, the Sirjana Institute provided her father with his cycle rickshaw, which brings enough income to the family to provide healthy food for their children. Shanti is well fed and happy, but her vision is still too limited for her to attend a conventional school. You can help Shanti get the education that will grant her the opportunity to be self-sufficient by sponsoring her to attend the School for the Blind of Sarnath, a necessity that her father's job can not provide. $200 supplies all necessary school supplies and a full year of education including room and board.

Sponsor Shanti for one year at a School for the Blind.                                              

Sponsor Rahul


At the young age of eleven, Rahulís life is marred by his fatherís decision.  Rahulís father divorced his mother several years ago, a choice which unfortunately stains a family in Indiaís village culture.  Rahul is blessed to be staying with his loving grandmother and mom yet due to the grandfatherís death the family is strapped to support Rahul.   Money for education is an obstacle that Rahulís current situation cannot surmount.  Help Rahul break through his stigma by ensuring that he still has the opportunity to receive an education.  $100 guarantees a year of education, all necessary school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and any additional costs.

Sponsor Rahul for one year of school.

Sponsor Priyanka


Priyanka is a young girl of fifteen. Four years ago her father passed away. His death left Priyanka and her family in financial turmoil. Priyanka's grandparents wanted her to marry because there was not enough money to raise her without her father's income. However, her mother wanted desperately to give her daughter an education, something she would not receive is she was forced to marry. Priyanka's grandparents conceded that if Priyanka's mother could raise the money to send her to school they would not force her to marry. Priyanka's mother sought out the Sirjana Institute and asked for help. For the past three years the Sirjana Institute was able to find sponsors to support Priyanka in an education. Now she lives with her mother while she happily attends school. Please help keep Priyanka and her mother's dream of an education alive.

Priyanka has been sponsored for 2010/2011, but needs money for two more years. Sponsor Priyanka.

Sponsor Asmita


Asmita, with luck, will enter grade 9 this year. She is a fourteen-year-old girl who loves to spend her time studying. Although Asmita is soft spoken she is extremely intelligent and has excellent English and a compassionate heart. Given the chance she is bound to go far. Asmita's father owns a small shop on the side of the road. Unfortunately, his income is not enough to support Asmita and her four siblings. As a result, money for school is out of the question. Asmita radiates possibility with her love for school and clever mind. Please give her the opportunity to continue her education and fulfil her potential. $100 dollars is enough to ensure another year of school for this amazing girl.  

Asmita has been sponsored for 2010/2011, but needs money for two more years. Sponsor Asmita.

Sponsor Mala


This sweet twelve-year-old with a striking smile is named Mala. At first glance she is timid but when she opens up she truly blossoms into a delightful and lively girl. Mala has two siblings. Her older brother lives with their grandmother because there is not enough money to support three children. Mala's younger brother, Rakesh, lives at home with Mala and is also looking fora sponsor so he can attend school. As a day labourer Mala and Rakesh's father does not hold a consistent job. Each day he must compete with others for work. On days when he is unable to get work dinner and lunch are often omitted. Both Mala and her mom receive some money from the Sirjana Institute for making baskets. However, this money is a far cry from what is needed to send Mala or her brother to school. For $100 you can provide Mala with a year of education including all school supplies, uniforms, shoes or other expense that may arise.   

Sponsor Mala for a year of school.

Sponsor Rakesh


Rakesh is a 10 year old boy who will enter grade 3 this year.  He is the younger sibling of Mala who is also in need of a sponsor.  Their father as a day labourer does not hold a consistent job.  Life is tough for this family especially on days when the father is unable to find work.  Please ensure that Rakesh receives an education despite his difficult circumstances.  For $100 you can provide a year of education including all school supplies, uniforms, shoes or other expense that may arise.  

Sponsor Rakesh for $100.

Sponsor Shama


Shama comes from an amazing family. Her father is a hardworking man who can always be relied upon to help others and her mother is making beautiful baskets out of recycled plastic to help support the family. Still the combined money is not enough. The father, Munna, works long hours cleaning at a school and is paid $16 a month. This is insufficient to support his five children and wife. Despite Munna's undersized income he is unable to leave his current job because the school he works for is providing one small room for the family to live. If Munna left he would lose his home in combination with his job. Shama's sister is already sponsored, a blessing for this family and now Shama, at age eight, is hoping for the same opportunity. For $100 you can provide Shama with a year of education including all school supplies, uniforms, shoes or other expense that may arise.    

Sponsor Shama for a year of school.

Sponsor Sundari


This dazzling nine-year-old, Sundari, loves to spend her free time dancing and singing with her friends. She is a quiet girl, but loves learning new things and showing off what she knows. Sundari's father is a mason, but does not have consistent work leaving the family strapped for money. An education is a necessity Sundari's family is unable to provide. Give Sundari something to dance about. $100 guarantees a year of education for this beautiful girl including all necessary school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and any additional costs.

Sponsor Sundari and make a difference.

Sponsor Jyoti


Jyoti is thirteen years old. She has two older sisters and one older brother. She just finished class nine, but the cost of tuition is going up. Jyoti's father already spends almost his entire salary on his children's education. Now, he simply cannot afford a higher fee. Jyoti is an exceptional student, especially in English. Her hobby is, in her words, "spiritual book study." For just $100, you can help Jyoti continue education in class ten.

Sponsor Jyoti and make a difference.

Sponsor Sona


Sona is an adorable 7 year old. She lives with her grandmother because her father doesn't have enough money to provide for his whole family. The grandmother is strapped for money too. Even though she is doing the best she can there simply is not enough money for education. You can give this young girl an opportunity of education by donating $100 a year

Sponsor Sona and make a difference.

Sponsor Muskan


Muskan is the youngest of four children. The Sirjana Institute is already sponsoring Priyanka her older sister. Muskan and Priyanka's father passed away several years ago and there isn't enough money to pay for all of the children to go to school. Muskan, who is five years old, really wants to start school this year so Priyanka offered to give up her sponsorship position so her younger sister could go in her place. The Sirjana Institute has decide to sponsor both girls so that Priyanka could finish high school and Muskan could start elementary school. Please help us support both girls. $100 guarantees a year of education for one girl, all necessary school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and any additional costs.

Sponsor Muskan and make a difference.

Sponsor Roshen and Gulshen

Roshen and Gulshen 

Roshen and Gulshen are sisters. Their mother died 3 years ago and their father passed away this last July. Munna, their uncle, took the two girls under his care. He is a very hard worker and he is doing the best he can but his salary is not enough to send his own children to school let alone his two nieces. Sirjana is already sponsoring his 2 daughters and decided to add his two nieces to our program. Roshen and Gulshen, age 10 and 9 respectively, will be attending school for the first time this year! Please help us support this hard working family. $100 is enough to educate one girl for the whole year and covers all school supplies, uniforms, shoes, sweaters, and other expenses that may arise.

Sponsor Roshen and Gulshen to make a difference.

Sponsor Priyanka


Priyanka is 18 years old. She is one of Jyoti's older sisters. Priyanka completed high school but dreams of attending college. However, her father simply cannot afford this luxury. Without college Priyanka is destined to be married and will have few opportunities to work outside of her home. A college education will give Priyanka a chance to work and provide an identity beyond wife and mother. Priyanka is an intelligent and beautiful girl; please help us provide a brighter future for her. $100 is all it takes.

Sponsor Priyanka and make a difference.

Sponsor Niha


Niha is a beautiful 6 year old. Her mother, Suman, teaches sewing and embroidery for the Sirjana Institute. One of the reasons the Sirjana Institute hired Suman is because her family is very poor. Even though Suman receives a monthly salary for teaching, there still is not enough money to send her children to school. Help us provide more support for this family. $100 a year will ensure Niha receives a good education despite her family's difficult circumstances.

Sponsor Niha and make a difference.

Sponsor Sandeep and Rahul

Sandeep and Rahul 

Sandeep and Rahul are two wonderful boys. Sandeep is 6 and Rahul is 10. Their father doesn't provide enough money to meet the family's basic needs so the mother works 7 days a week cleaning houses to ensure she can feed her children. Sandeep is shy and Rahul is outgoing but both boys are sweet and take after the hardworking nature of their mother. It is common to see both Rahul and Sandeep helping their mother clean. An education can help break Rahul and Sandeep out of the cycle of poverty. $100 is enough to send one child to school for a whole year.

Sponsor Sandeep and Rahul to make a difference.

Sponsor Shamu and Mumta

Shamu and Mumta 

Shamu and Mumta age 7 and 5 respectively live in a rural area outside Samath. Because the family lives outside Sarnath it is necessary for the father to bike 8 km to work. To make things harder, he is a day labour which means he only has ajob when work is available. When the father is able to work consistently the family gets by but when no work is available it is a struggle just to provide enough food to eat. Paying for education is out of the picture for this family. Help the Sirjana Insititute send Shamu and Mumta to school. $100 a year is enough to cover all education costs for one child.

Sponsor Shamu and Mumta to make a difference.


Tanu is 5 years old and is the eldest of two girls. The mother, 18, cleans dishes and floors to provide for her family. However, it is difficult for the mother to work consistently because her health is not good and because she has two young children. Their grandmother works and gives the money she earns to the family but still life is tough for them. There is not enough money to consider sending the children to school. The Sirjana Institiute wants to help by sponsoring Tanu to attend school. Please help the Sirjana Institute give Tanu a brighter future and break the cycle of poverty.

Sponsor Tanu and make a difference.

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